PeppeR new release: 1.11.02

A new version of the DAS client for 3D-EM, PeppeR, has been released. PeppeR is the annotation browser for macro-molecular structures that allows to display Hybrid models. These models are obtained by fitting the atomic cordinates derived from X-ray cristallograpgy or NMR; into the 3D volume maps obtained by Electron microscopy. More details can be

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I2PC Developer Workshop

The first I2PC Developer Workshop will take place in Madrid, 6th and 7th of February. The main objective is to standardize information exchange in Single Particles as well as to start a dynamic of algorithm benchmarking in the field. Concrete conclussions on data interchange were reached and a first benchmarking challenge was issued to the

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3D Electron Microscopy Benchmark Web

3DEM Benchmark website, a joint initiative of the National Institute of Bioinformatics (INB) and the INSTRUCT Center for Image Processing in Microscopy, has been develop to foster the development of new advanced methods in the area of image processing in Structural Biology. To this end we provide a robust computational infrastructure capable of supporting the

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