I2PC is part of Instruct-ERIC, the European Strategic Infrastructure Project (ESFRI) in the area of Structural Biology.

Our Instruct Center host the Instruct  Image Processing Center (I2PC) and the Instruct CryoEM – CSIC facility, working together to provide the best support to THE Structural Biologist Community. 

Instruct Access Projects can be requested separately for the two platforms, covering both the first stages of sample characterization for cryoEM and image adquisition, on the one hand, and the extraction of biological knowledge using advanced image processing pipelines, on the other hand.

I2PC also provides support and training in the use of image processing software, at the same time that it develops software and standards oriented towards the standardization, simplification and reliability of the image processing tasks.


I2PC Seminar series on Image processing

Dear EM community, From I2PC we are proud to announce the second part of our seminar series on Image processing, addressed to Electron Tomography Methods. The aim of the seminar series is to gather expert developers and users in a same framework where the algorithms can gain visibility and users

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I2PC Webinars

For a theoretical and practical background on image processing using Scipion, Xmipp and other tools available through Scipion, the Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) is organizing short Webinar cycles. There will be two cycles: New image processing workflows, and Scipion’s tools. Webinars will be available through the CSIC Conecta platform

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The Instruct Image Processing Center is financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) as part of the Spanish participation in Instruct – ERIC.