Instruct Platforms

Electron Microscopy Image Processing, I2PC, Madrid, Spain

This platform will provide personalized support to Instruct projects requiring specialized processing of either electron or X-ray microscopy images. It will also help developers in integrating their methods into generally accessible analysis workflows.

The Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC)  will assign personnel to this analysis, as well as the required computational resources.

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CRYO EM – CSIC, I2PC, Madrid, Spain

The CRYO EM -CSIC facility will provide support and expertise to researchers with samples in the first stages of characterization. Samples will be analysed by negative staining in search of the best conditions. Once found, samples will be subjected to different vitrification conditions in search of the best parameters, which will be tested in a cryomicroscope Talos Arctica 200 kV equipped with a Falcon III electron direct detector.


The best grids will be used to acquire data for image processing (it is advisable to contact the Instruct Image Processing Centre for support in the data processing).

More information can be found at:—csic-madrid-spain/