I2PC Seminar Series 2023

Following the tradition, I2PC (Instruct Image Processing Center) is organizing the forth edition of a seminar series on cryoEM and cryoET methods for image processing. The aim of the seminar series is to gather expert developers and users in a same framework where the algorithms can gain visibility and users can understand the applications and mechanisms of the presented algorithms.

The webinars will be online and free without registration of cost. You can join the session through next link:

The contents and speakers will be:

7th September (Time:  9:00 AM New York, 15:00PM Madrid, 14:00PM London). Bernard Heymann – The implications and resolution of the Ewald sphere issue in cryoEM. National Cryo-EM Program, Cancer Research Technology Program, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc

21th September (Time: 9:00AM Los Angeles, 18:00PM Madrid, 17:00PM London). Petar Petrov – The laser phase plate in cryo-EM: new approaches to image acquisition and analysis. Holger Müller group at UC Berkeley.

5th October (Time: 9:00AM New York, 15:00PM Madrid, 14:00PM London). Christopher JF Cameron – Reliable protein identification in cryo-EM images by machine-learning consensus.  Hemant Tagare and Mark Gerstein groups at Yale University.

19th October (Time: 9:00AM New York, 15:00PM Madrid, 14:00PM London). Eduard Baquero – Structural study of a broadly neutralizing anti-HIV-1 antibody from a post-treatment controller. NanoImaging Facility Core Institut Pasteur